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Frequently asked questions

What is KlixPlus.com?

KlixPlus.com was created to provide businesses with a new, comprehensive service whereby a well-targeted ad can be created and placed in a matter of days, not weeks, and for costs well below those of agencies that offer only parts of this process.

What types of ads do you offer?

We have experience creating everything from GIF animations to Flash and rich media, including video.

Where will my ads appear?

On one or more websites in our vast network of publishers, which you are free to select based on your target audience and budget. The specialized insight of our media managers is available to assist you in this choice, and we may also be able to customize a placement to suit specific needs. (Local advertising, for instance.)

Do you provide creative services without publishing included?

Yes. We are primarily a creative group, not a traditional ad network. We would be happy to create a campaign for you to publish independently, even resizing it to meet whatever specifications you might have.

I already have an ad built. Is that possible to only use your network services.

Yes. We do publish others' creative work.

How will I know how much traffic I am getting?

On completion of your campaign, you will receive a detailed report that includes traffic volumes and patterns over the duration of the placement.

Do you offer ads with video or rich media?

Yes. Please view our Showcase for samples and details. (coming soon)

How are my costs broken down? What do I pay for?

Every campaign incorporates 2 separate components:

• Creative Services
• Media

The pricing of our ad packages covers the creative work. The media for your campaign (the placement and runtime of your ad) is calculated as the cost set by the site and a 15% - 20% service charge.

What does "CPM" mean?

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand impressions. That is, how much the site charges for every 1,000 times your ad is displayed.

How soon will my campaign be online?

Your campaign should be online in 3-7 days depending on the size and complexity of the creative.

Can I target my ad on any criteria?

Every targeting feature offered by the site hosting your ad will be available to you. The presence and variety of these options may vary depending on your selection.